Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dance, Dance, Dance

Dance the night awayIs this fun, or what? I need to find out the name of this band from Stephanie & Mike because they were GREAT!

As usual, I had taken numerous photos of the band throughout the day with a wide angle lens which I love for the exagerating effect on the musical instruments. But once it got dark and most of the wedding festivities were done then Nature's Point started really rockin'. The red light came on and some of the bridesmaids and guests started as backup singers and dancers. I was fascinated with the play of the red light. A flash made for nice snapshot pics but without the flash I got what I saw....edgy, fun, hot!

1 comment:

christine s. said...

so awesome (: their name was the Arguyles .. don't know if i'm spelling it right but yes, they were fantastic!