Sunday, April 6, 2008

Photographing Reflections

BrennaEarly in our photographic endeavors– both of us found it fascinating to photograph reflections. We would take pictures of ponds, glass orbes, the mirror, etc. As our styles developed – we started to incorporate people in the reflections. One of our most popular photos at weddings is the groomsmen relecting in the best man’s or groom’s sunglasses. Often we use selective focus and a long lens (70 -200 mm) to accomplish this effect. Also, adjusting the exposure to about ½ stop OVER exposed often provides the desired results. In the brides room – the bride and her bridesmaids applying make up frequently lead to fun reflection photos.

BrennaToday we photographed Brenna a Pflugerville High School senior. She arrived with crystal edged shades that sparked an idea and we spoke up… Hold on a second, lets put Brenna’s sister and mom in the reflection of Brenna’s glasses! Brenna’s bright smile was the perfect added sparkle to this unique impromptu family photo. Later near the end of the senior photo session we noticed a very still creek reflection with a rock outcropping– we asked Brenna to change out of the dark outfit she had just changed into and back into the cheery bright orange top she wore earlier. Bright colors, whites and pastels work best for dark reflections… Patterns and prints, as with dark colors get lost in the reflection.

So the next time you have your camera and catch sight of something reflected take a longer look and maybe there is a photo there.

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Lisa said...

Ray and Debra,
These are awesome! Can't wait to see the rest. Thanks so much!