Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It has to be cool –

Erin 08Today, HS Senior Portraits need to be something more than the “studio shot” – The photos need to look exciting, cool, expressive and natural. While this look can be accomplished in-studio, we have found that working “outside” offers a freedom to be expressive, yet still reserved. Use of a wide angle lens that exaggerates, or long lens that softens the background –adds to the “look” that many Texas Seniors want. Colorful bold clothing and backgrounds help add to the overall appearance of the artful image. Yet we still have to create a few images for mom and dad. We photograph most of our young adults outside at a local park or urban location. This allows our clients to feel comfortable without having the pressure of the camera “in their space” – Often after just a few minutes “warm-up” parents tell us that they see a confidant, relaxed side of their teen that is welcome and refreshing.

Word of mouth is our primary source for new students. So we make sure that our students leave the photo session feeling like a star, having had a great time. They tell their friends that working with us was really fun!

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Anonymous said...

This is a cool photo.. It looks so "1960" Peace and Love of that genaration.

Great Photo..

Fairfax, Virginia