Monday, April 14, 2008

Babies, Bellies, & the IPhone

I have long been looking for a way to combine a baby’s sonogram image with a maternity photo. My first thought was a “blended” image from the sonogram overlaid onto the pregnant belly. However, my lovely wife Debra convinced me that while it might be a cool “sci-fi looking” image – the ladies most likely would not want to see their unborn child like that. Guys might think its cool – but it’s not for all of the ladies.

Sunday, we were nearly finished with our maternity photo session of our former wedding clients Jessica and Damian from Cedar Park, Texas, when Damian started talking about all the cool features of his IPhone. While the ladies worked on some of the maternity portraits Damian showed me the baby’s sonogram. We decided to try incorporating it into a photo. The sonogram photo stored on the IPhone was high enough quality to be re-photographed and incorporated into this unique “pre-family photo” of baby Isaiah, mom and dad. An IPhone is clearly in our future.

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Anonymous said...

Debra, is correct. Women would prefer natural picture's over "Sci-Fi". However this photo has a little of both, the techinology of the IPhone and the Beauty of Mother with Child..

Fairfax, Virginia