Saturday, March 22, 2008

USS Coral Sea

USS Coral Sea CV43I was thinking of my Navy buddies this morning and thought I would share this.
In March 25th, 1983 I took this picture of The USS Coral Sea as it passed under the Golden Gate bridge for the very last time, in route to Roanoke, Virgina - I had been waiting years for the opportunity to capture this angle. The photo appeared in the Sept 83 issue of San Francisco Magazine - We had up to 30 photographers attached to this proud ship and experienced many adventures on the Western Pacific Ocean.

View from inside the USS Coral SeaThe
Coral Sea was decommissioned 04/26/90. Stricken from the Navy List, she was sold by the Defense Reutilization & Marketing Service (DRMS) for scrapping on 05/07/93. My wife and I lived in Vallejo CA at the time and saw the ship salvaged - piece by piece. We couldn't bear to take pictures yet we just had to watch. It was a bit disturbing to watch as this was home to myself and many shipmates for 3 years.

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toneill said...

Cool picture, I would like a high res image of this file

Troy said...

I was on the Coral Sea in the mid 80's. it might have been leaving to go to Virginia to get ready for a Med cruise in 85. We did work ups near Guantanamo Bay when we hit a tanker, it tore the bow open and damaged the starboard side pretty bad. I have pics. lota good memories.

glwayfarer said...

I was manning the rails (on deck in uniform) that day in March 1983. I was standing to the starboard of the Island. Here are my pictures of that world cruise in 1983, along with some articles about the tanker collision.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture, but Coral Sea was not scrapped in Vallejo. She was demcomissioned in Norfolk and moved to the Philadelphia Shipyard. When she was sold to be scrapped she was towed to Baltimore where I watched her disappear. I was aboard Coral Sea from 1968-1970 and was proud to be a member of San Francisco's adopted ship

Mario Vittone said...

I was on the Coral Sea from 85-89, Saw it being cut up in the Philly shipyard in 1990. Funny - I hated being on it, but that is the only bad thing I can remember - She was a good ship.

Anonymous said...

I was onboard the ship when we hit that Tanker, I was working in PAO, when we heard "Captian to the bringe!" over the 1MC, we looked up at the plat lens shot on the TV and saw the super structure of the tanker and then a slow rumbling boom..and then the long trip back to dry dock.

B Chuzas