Friday, March 21, 2008

Stephanie & Kevin

Stephanie was kind enough to post comments on "TheKnot" in the Austin talk section. see quote below - Thanks Stephanie!

"My wedding could not have been more perfect. I got married on 11-11-07. married at Angel Springs Event center which was awesome, decorations were perfect, and we couldn't have had better photographers, everafter images. They took around 1500 pics or so, and we didn't even know they were there at ll except for the formal pictures. they were so great, all of our pics turned out wonderful, and they rates were reasonable and worked with us on payments, and the end result has been phenomenal. They did such a good job and we are gonna continue to use them for all of our future photography needs, family portraits etc. also they will go anywhere you want to have the portraits taken, around Austin. the package always includes 2 photographers, Ray and Debra are the best and will be our photographers for life."

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Kevin Faure said...

thats my lovely wife!!
love you Stephanie