Friday, March 28, 2008

Panoramic Photography

Austin Texas SkylineOne question the comes up often when clients visit us at our Round Rock Texas home office is "How did you do that?" as they point to a mounted Panoramic Skyline of Austin TX. Our reply is that the photo is three separate images - "stitched" together with modern photographic editing software (like Photoshop CS4 or Photostitch). When shooting for a panoramic image - the experienced photographer will know to add a 1/3 overlap of the image for the panoramic START and END images. Most often we will stitch together 3 to 5 images, but we have a stunning panoramic of the Austn Texas 360 bridge where we stitched together 12 images! This technique may also be used in a vertical image composites.

When we use this technique at a wedding - Often it will be during the ceremony to display the entire inside of the church or during the reception while the couple dances their First Dance or possibly during the toast. Star Hill Ranch used our Panoramic of their main street to display BOTH sides of the street of their unique wedding venue. Have fun trying this at home.

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