Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Candid Wedding Photos

Candid Austin Wedding PhotographyOne of the best things about wedding photojournalism is when we capture the "Candid Wedding Image". This is how you can truly reveal special moments that happen for a brief moment in time. These photos can tell a little story all on their own. This style of photography may display a person’s character, a tear, laughter, mischief or how people interact with each other. Each unique photo will have its own special meaning and is based on a photographer's vision and timing.

Candid Wedding ImagePhotojournalism is a style in wedding photography that incorporates candid wedding imagery as a tool in hands of the wedding photojournalist. The sequence of candid images tells a story of the wedding day or moment in time. Candid wedding photography is not a series of snapshots. Snapshots are limited in style or technique. Use of techniques like selective focus, depth of field, and framing, etc set the candid image apart from the snapshot and the professional apart from the hobbyist.

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kWp said...

That's our god daughter, Lexi. She was the flower girl for our October wedding. Not quite 3 here, she was a barrel of laughs. Ray and Debra did an awesome job capturing moments that we weren't even aware of. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this photo. All I could think of was poor Luanna (The Plantation House) wondering why there way little handprints all over her windows.